Beard Up Boys 2019 - BrAshA-T, Brisbane, Australia

Beard Up Boys 2019

Please help fight this genetic disorder. Every dollar counts!

Your support helps fund research into a cure for A-T and supporting Australian families affected by A-T.

BrAshA-T has endorsed DGR (deductible gift recipient) status and is a not-for-profit organisation. Donations to BrAshA-T are 100% tax deductible.


Please note that your name will be included on our Sponsorship page so that friends, family and BrAshA-T supporters can sponsor you.

ANZ eGate
Yesterday Sponsor Gary Sladden Eloise Kachiguine $20
Yesterday Sponsor Geoff Starr Amelia Williams $20
15 Jun 2019 Sponsor Seymour Gosper Jason Blyth
Great cause guys.
14 Jun 2019 Sponsor Peter Tennant Grant Tennant
Grow a good beard Dad, it a good cause.
14 Jun 2019 Sponsor Gary Sladden Russell Kinchin
Beard up Sladds !
08 Jun 2019 Sponsor Leo Kyprianou Mathew Theore
Good on ya, mate! ✊🏼👌🏽
06 Jun 2019 Sponsor Danyon Torpy Anonymous
Proud of you El Presidenté Danyon ! It’s a wonderful thing you are all doing. ❤️
04 Jun 2019 Sponsor Leo Kyprianou Warren Adams (TOPM Group Pty Ltd )
I wasn't aware of this condition untill Leo brought it to my attention and asked for my support. Keep up the good work in bringing awareness to this Leo and happy to support anyone as passionate as yourself about getting people help that need it
04 Jun 2019 Sponsor Leo Kyprianou Sam Sayour
Good luck bro all the best abu Steph
02 Jun 2019 Sponsor Matt Grant Lesley Anderson $50
01 Jun 2019 Sponsor Sean Leavey Christopher Randall
You and Matt will be twins now
27 May 2019 Sponsor the Beard Up Boys Team Martin Dirs $100
23 May 2019 Sponsor Geoff Starr Leonie Lock
Good luck Geoff, hope all goes well for the fundraising.
21 May 2019 Sponsor Danyon Torpy Tahlia Garland
Thanks Danyon!!
04 May 2019 Sponsor Peter Tennant Jodi Vincent
💜 Good on you Dad, raising money for such a good cause, looking forward to seeing your beard grow 🧔🏼 Love Jodi, Jason & Jake xxx
03 May 2019 Sponsor Geoff Starr Geoff Starr (Mrs.)
Early shave off fee
26 Apr 2019 Sponsor Kurt McAlister Kerry Moore
Thank you for raising awareness and funds for this disease. Champion.

$3,875 raised so far

Fundraiser Raised so far
Leo Kyprianou $525
Peter Tennant $315
Danyon Torpy $235
Geoff Starr $200
Matt Grant $115
Gary Sladden $105
Seymour Gosper $95
Kurt McAlister $85
Sean Leavey $85
Alan Burnicle $65
Alex Venesjarvi $65
Andrew 'AK' Killion $65
Andy McEwan $65
Bhoj Tandan $65
Blake Doyle $65
Bruce Cash $65
Bryn Tustin $65
Chris 'Oakesy' Oakes $65
Col 'Muddy' Gentles $65
Craig "Muddsy" Muddle $65
Daniel Cobden $65
Darren Gibson $65
Darren Maher $65
Darryn Hicks $65
David Healey $65
Eric OBrien $65
Jamie Roberts $65
Jarrod Hayes $65
Jeff Watson $65
John Craig $65
Kevin Cunningham $65
Mark 'Pommie' Mountain $65
Matt McLaren $65
Peter Wilcockson $65
Ross McAnally $65
Sammy Thompson $65
Scott Robson $65
Shannon Atkins $65
Steve Harris $65
Tony Mathieson $65