Walk to Everest for A-T - BrAshA-T, Brisbane, Australia

Walk to Everest for A-T  Purple Heart  Target: $100,000

Walk to Everest for A-T has been formed by a group of close mates in Wagga Wagga to raise awareness and much needed funds for BrAshA-T.

Jeff and Carly Millar had never heard of Ataxia-Telangiectasia until 18 months ago when they were told by doctors that they believed their son Charlie had the rare genetic disorder. Devastated and in disbelief they would later learn that their little girl Zara, was also born with A-T.

Jeff and his mates, Ted, Brett, Tom, Will, Isaac, Jack, PK, AK, Conner, Dylan and Mark, will be doing the 12 day trek from Kathmandu to Mt Everest Base Camp in November to raise much need funds.

The trek will be hard but not as hard as what potentially lies ahead for Charlie (4yrs), his sister Zara (2yrs), and the other 30-40 children in Australia living with A-T.

There is a cure out there, we just need to find it!

We thank you in advance for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated!

Please help fight this genetic disorder. Every dollar counts!

Your support helps fund research into a cure for A-T and supporting Australian families affected by A-T.

BrAshA-T has endorsed DGR (deductible gift recipient) status and is a not-for-profit organisation. Donations to BrAshA-T are 100% tax deductible.

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$6,765 raised so far

Emma Lendrum   Yesterday $50
Harry Burey   Wed 21 Mar 2018
From Northern Suburbs Rugby Union (Sydney) to the Millars and other brave sufferers
Marlene Cull   Wed 21 Mar 2018 $20
Sharon & Winston Dew   Tue 20 Mar 2018
Thinking of you all. Hope a cure is not to far away xx
Anonymous   Tue 20 Mar 2018
Good luck and safe travels 😀
Les and joan Schultz   Tue 20 Mar 2018 $50
Alex Jones & Steve Morgan   Wed 14 Mar 2018
Hoping for a cure! Thinking of you all. X
Miffy OMeara   Tue 13 Mar 2018
Good luck, great effort
Sharon Stone    Fri 9 Mar 2018
Good luck to you all on your trek
Courtney Swanson   Fri 9 Mar 2018
Goodluck debritt and team!
Hannah Bellenger   Thu 8 Mar 2018 $20
Georgia Hull   Wed 7 Mar 2018
so incredibly proud of you all for doing this xx
Joe Iacona   Wed 7 Mar 2018
Good luck
Callum Saunders   Wed 7 Mar 2018 $50
Anonymous   Tue 6 Mar 2018
Best of luck to you. Such a great cause. Belinda and Andrew Hume
Joanne Kahlefeldt-Harris   Tue 6 Mar 2018
Best of luck Ted and all your friends, this is a wonderful thing you are doing
Katie & Andrew Gunsser   Mon 5 Mar 2018
Inspirational guys! All the best great cause
Igor Lemech   Mon 5 Mar 2018
Wishing you and your family all the best, Jodie xxx
Ivan & Lauren Povolo   Sun 4 Mar 2018
Thinking of you guys during this difficult time, best wishes. Ivan and Lauren
Tara Crump   Sun 4 Mar 2018 $30
Syl .   Sat 3 Mar 2018
Good stuff boys!!
Sam Dean   Fri 2 Mar 2018
What a great cause. Thinking of you Jeff, Carly, Charlie and Zara. Climb proud boys!!
Mae Googan   Fri 2 Mar 2018
Sending love to Charlie & Zara, hoping for a cure soon, best of luck on the Everest trek. Jeff & Carly you are strong & inspirational not just for your kids, but for everyone x
Kathryn Ogden   Fri 2 Mar 2018
May small donations help find a cure !
John and Kerry Smeeth   Fri 2 Mar 2018 $200
Tim Smeeth   Fri 2 Mar 2018 $100
Benjamin Raulston    Thu 1 Mar 2018 $20
Andrew Burling   Thu 1 Mar 2018
Hoping for a cure soon, Andrew Nicole and Archie.
Melissa Martin   Thu 1 Mar 2018 $200
Courtney Hunter   Thu 1 Mar 2018
Best of luck guys
Rebecca and Dean Neil   Thu 1 Mar 2018
Good luck on your trek Jeff.
Kate Ogden   Thu 1 Mar 2018
Love, prayers and strength to you all xxx
Madellin Gray   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $20
Bel and Mick Rosler   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Robin Harris   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $50
Jo-Anne Asgill   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Love you Charlie and Zara xx
Little Kickers Wagga   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Best wishes from all your friends at Little Kickers Wagga
Martin Schultz   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Best wishes for a safe and successful trek and for that all important cure! Marty, Liz, Evelyn and Franklin.
Brooke Simonoski   Wed 28 Feb 2018
We pray for advances to come soon. Climb high
Alex Donnelly   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Onya boys.
Cathy Black   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Thinking of you all xx
Collie Family   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $100
Bec Seaman   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Great idea for a very worthy cause, good luck climbers!
Carrol Good   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $100
Melinda Douglas   Wed 28 Feb 2018
With all our love for Charlie and Zara from your mates Eliza, Ollie and Charlotte xx
Samantha George   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Awesome effort Connor & the rest of the lads! Good Luck!!
Alyce Chambers   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $50
Alanna Walters   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $50
Rob and Jenny Gunsser    Wed 28 Feb 2018
Our little angels
Genevieve O'Hare   Wed 28 Feb 2018
Much love to you all Carly, such beautiful children xx
Mike Clahsen   Fri 2 Mar 2018
Well done guys, all the best with the trek!
Matt Knox   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $20
Karen Cattle   Wed 28 Feb 2018
For Carly Jeff Millar and their beautiful babies
Wayne & Deirdre Millar   Wed 28 Feb 2018 $100
Coral and Ian Firman   Mon 26 Feb 2018 $50