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Goldie's Angels

Meet Goldie

Goldie Digby, daughter and third child to Simon and Cristina Digby, is one of 40 children in Australia diagnosed with A-T. Ataxia telangiectasia (A-T) is a rare and incurable disease often described as the worst parts of cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. Throw in a dose of cancer and lung disease and you have a general picture of this relentless condition.

Expected Outcomes

Your funding will be collected to support the A-T Clinical Trial. The trial aims, at the very least, to slow down the progression of A-T until a cure is found. The most significant expected outcome of this trial is to prevent cells from dying, particularly in the cerebellum, which in turn will slow down the neurodegenerative decline in our A-T kids.

If we look at Goldie's prognosis as an example, the usual course of A-T sees kids confined to a wheelchair by the age of 8 or 10, giving us 6 to 8 years to spare Goldie from this fate. If this trial is successful, we may slow the progression to the point where kids avoid the wheelchair until their teens, giving us over a decade to find a cure for Goldie.

Science is moving at an extraordinary pace, but A-T moves quicker. Any time we can delay the progression is invaluable to our children's future health outcomes.

#RaisingAwareness #GivingHopeForACure

Please help fight this genetic disorder. Every dollar counts!

Your support helps fund research into a cure for A-T and supporting Australian families affected by A-T.

BrAshA-T has endorsed DGR (deductible gift recipient) status and is a not-for-profit organisation. Donations to BrAshA-T are 100% tax deductible.

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Mirella Petrucci   Fri 1 May 2020
Best wishes to Goldie โค xx
neville tapp   Wed 15 Apr 2020 $100
Sonia Labagnara (Markovic)   Thu 9 Apr 2020
Gorgeous girl...sending love, strength & well wishes โค๏ธ
Jake Johnson   Sat 28 Mar 2020
A K   Fri 20 Mar 2020
Rosanna Cavalieri   Fri 20 Mar 2020
Brad Sassman   Mon 16 Mar 2020
My new superhero...
Dominique Requin   Mon 16 Mar 2020 $20
Anonymous   Mon 16 Mar 2020
There always hope and medical science is accelerating
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Thinking of you all at this time of trouble.....can I respectfully encourage to look to Jesus as your healer and upon Him in faith he will hear your prayer.....this is not a false hope..I called out 40 yeras ago and He saved me and delivered me from all my fears......hope this helps.......praying for Goldie and you all.
Peter Kevan   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Wishing you all the best sweetheart.
Vicky Manios   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $50
Lauren & Neil Berry   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Love and wishes.
Phillip & Rhonda Spencer   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Never give up hope, we don't know you but we care. :)
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $200
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Stay strong and believe with every cell in your body, sending you all my love.
Shayne McKavanagh   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Best wishes,hope someone finds a cure for you soon
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020
My heart aches for your family & your beautiful girl, from one mum to another
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $100
Sharon Richter   Sun 15 Mar 2020
I wish you all the love in the world darling Goldie. I hope that they can find a cure so you can enjoy the life you deserve.
Chris Lundie    Sun 15 Mar 2020 $25
Francesca Matarazzo    Sun 15 Mar 2020
Beautiful family hereโ€™s to finding a cure for Goldie and others affected
Laura Dal Santo   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Hope this helps some beautiful people ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™
Sam Griffith   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $20
Cheryl Alexander   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Our prayers for your little darling and the other sufferers of the disease. Cheryl & Kevin๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $100
Kristian Klein   Sun 15 Mar 2020 $100
Michelle Wilson   Sun 15 Mar 2020
I hope you get enough for research and a cure for your beautiful angel xx
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020
Go Goldie - lets make your life better
Anonymous   Sun 15 Mar 2020
I just want to help good luck
Belinda De Marco - Schiavello    Wed 11 Mar 2020
Love and best wishes to you all as we support such a heartfelt cause.
Cherie Marnell   Wed 4 Mar 2020
Hereโ€™s hoping they find a cure soon. Good luck with the trial Xx
Henrique Santos   Wed 4 Mar 2020 $30
Kristy Kavanagh    Wed 4 Mar 2020
Thinking of you all. Sending lots of love, prayers and blessings for Goldie and the whole Digby family xx
Eddy & Rita Micallef   Tue 3 Mar 2020
Wishing Goldie all the best, praying for the trial being successful.