Jen & Jo, the Coogeetryathletes!

Health is something that most of us, including Jen Hills, often take for granted. We all have someone close who has been affected by cancer, or dementia or another more common disease but rare diseases not many people know about or learn about until they have to.

Watching Madi's story and learning she had Ataxia Telangiectasia, Jen was in awe of how brave and strong she has been since her diagnosis, and how she always has a smile on her face.

Discovering that Madi also had to face battling Leukaemia and spend most of her time in Perth with her Mum, Kirsty, while her Dad, Russell, worked away, she was motivated to do something big to help raise awareness and funds for A-T.

If Madi can get through a torturous 10 months fighting Leukaemia, then Jen figured that she can't moan about any kind of challenging training regime.

Jen knows nothing could be as physically and emotionally draining as what Madi and her family were going through which is why she decided to accept the challenge and learn three new sports, all of which she couldn't do, and combine them in a race!

Jen's huge lack of athletisicm and sporting ability (she hasn't been in a race since school sports day!) should be a good reason for you to dig deep and sponsor her and friend, Jo Lilliss.