BrAshA-T, Brisbane, Australia

Time to Shelve the Shaver for BrAshA-T!

The 5th Annual Beard Up Boys fundraiser kicks-off at the beginning of winter on 1 June.

It's a fun way to raise funds for a great cause and here's how it works:

  • Blokes REGISTER to grow a beard throughout winter (1 June - 24 August)
  • Family, friends and colleagues generously SPONSOR their favourite bearded bloke
  • ATTEND the BIG SHAVE OFF on Saturday 24 August at The Oriental Hotel, Springwood for a family-friendly afternoon of shave offs courtesy of the local barbers, raffles, great prizes, live music, BBQ, jumping castle, face painting and more
  • $65 registration includes a free cap exclusively issued to our beard growers and a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you're personally contributing to a great cause
  • Sick of the beard? No worries, pay a $50 penalty fee to shave off early

Get your mates, colleagues, footy club, trivia team, etc to register and create friendly competition to see who can raise the most money for BrAshA-T.

Our Mission

  • Research - fund medical research into the causes, prevention and treatment of A-T
  • Awareness - engage in activities to raise community awareness of A-T
  • Support - provide emotional support and limited financial assistance for sufferers of A-T
  • Fundraising - engage in fundraising activities to make it possible to fulfil Our Mission


Our Achievements So Far

Since getting up and running in late 2007, we are starting to bear the fruits of our efforts with considerable progress towards achieving our long-term goals:

  • Created a support network for families around Australia affected by A-T who are now in contact with each other as well as the foundation.

  • The National A-T Clinics are held in Brisbane at The Wesley Hospital and Wesley Medical Research (WMR), in conjunction with Lady Cilento Children's Hospital and the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR), typically in May and November each year.

    The aim of the clinic is to enable A-T patients to see experts who have experience dealing with the symptoms and side effects of the genetic disorder, as well as gathering essential data and research to assist in finding a cure.

  • Committed ongoing funding towards an allowance program to enable A-T families to attend the National A-T Clinic.

  • Committed ongoing funding to support a team of researchers from UQCCR (University Queensland Centre for Clinical Research) led by Professor Martin Lavin.

  • Committed ongoing funding to support a team of researchers from AIBN (Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology) led by Professor Ernst Wolvetang.

  • Funded researchers to attend Scientific Research Meetings at ATW2008 in Shiga (Japan), ATW2010 in Los Angeles, ATW2012 in New Delhi, ATW2015 in Beijing and ATW2017 in Milan.

  • Funded researchers to attend the A-T Clinical Conference in the Netherlands in 2014, Warsaw in 2016 and Naples in 2018.

  • Raised significant funds through holding events such as Charity Dinners, Movie Nights, Golf Days, Membership Drives, Merchandise Sales, etc.

  • Operated the foundation on 100% volunteer effort thereby ensuring maximum funds are directed to finding a cure for A-T.
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